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This is the very first version (0.1) of osmembercontrols for umbraco.

You simply drop the macro onto a page and if a member is logged in they can then edit their details depending on what you set in the Member type.
This is pretty raw but we will add more stuff soon to make it easier for people to install member features

SP & Skiltz ( )

- ShowSingleTab - In the memebers section you have multiple tabs. If "ShowSingleTab" is ticked then only 1 tab will be shown.
- TabToShow - If ShowSingleTab is selected then TabToShow is the id of the Tab to show. 0 is Generic Properties
- RedirectOnSuccess - Which page to redirect to after update
- ShowAsTabLayout - Should the page have tabs or a single flat no tab layout
- AllowEmailUpdate - allow members to UpdateEmail (on some pages you might not want this option)
- EmailRequitedMessage - As email is a mandatory field what message should we show
- ShowGenericProperties - This is always the first tab on a member type - Do we want to show this.
- ButtonText - the text thats on the buttob.

If you use ShowAsTabLayout - your template must have a ScriptManager on it (as the tabs use the AjaxControlToolKit).

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